"We act as a clearing house for the highest quality,
best priced
life insurance companies in the Country"
- Fred Naef, founding broker

Our clients access the best insurance prices available to the public. They receive the expert advice, attention, and service of an experienced agent that can answer their questions.

You get thousands of quotes on hundreds of web sites. That does not get you any closer to determining which company will offer you the best coverage and pricing for your insurance. We need to be as specific as possible to determine which company is best for you, given your individual health profile and background. We are experts in underwriting guidelines and rules. This translates into savings for you.

We encourage you to call us for a consultation at 925-933-8180 so we can shop for you. Many agents and their companies hope you never take the time to consult with a truly independent agency.

MagicQuote Insurance Services
Fred Naef, Independent Life Insurance Agent. Calif. Lic #0742257